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This website is a just a place where I showcase some of my photographic works
I'm specialized in portrait and glamour photography

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I live in Firenze, Italy. A good position to have many wild environment available for interesting pictures.
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fitness photo shooting with Monica Gorni
Finally, after years, I met again Monica. This spring she has taken part in a world bikini contest by Wabba reaching the 6th place.
Now my challenge, a beautiful challeng, to find quickly a location to go and shoot. We needed a place on the shore and not very crowded. I cannot even think to a desert place here in Italy in summer.
Thinking to my memories I choosed a bay I remember since ages ago. We needed both sand and rocks. In Italy every part of our coast has different characteristics. We were lucky to find the ideal place not far from my house, just 200km. The beach is on the west shore, right below a 10 mt vertical hillside.

To try to balance the hard shadows of direct sun I had to use my speedlite. Even without modifier, there was too much wind for a umbrella and I had to put my tripod in the water. We are really happy with the result.  
glam collection tshirts
Some time ago I tried to print a shirt via the print on demand service of RedBubble. It was just a test but I'm pretty happy with the result.
 The picture on the shirt is just a bit less saturated than a normal print but I like it. I made the shirt available, you may  click to buy the shirt and then let me know how you like it.
Limited edition fine art print-lady of the river
The story of The lady of the river started in March 2015. I really wanted to create a picture with a unique outfit. With the aid of my good friend and model, we designed this outfit refining the idea in many talks and finally, once satisfied, I cut and sewed the faux leather to make the bra and the skirt.
The torch is just a complement that suited the idea of the image and it was fun to create.

The print you see in the picture has been sent to the international art fair of Innsbruck
I've selected the Canson process to print this picture. I will check and sign every single print of this limited edition, to be sure that the quality is exactly as I expect 1500 €800 €200 €