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How I made the fake leather dress

This shoot story is unique, for me. This is the first and still only shoot I've done with a custom dress. A custom hand made leather dress. I had the idea to try to make something unique and you know that in a photo shoot you have few limited variables you can manage. The location, the model and the style.

Yes, the style is what I needed to be unique and the only way to be sure it is unique is to create the dress from scratch.

My great friend and model Ady Descarada  was really helpful and a great source of tips  and advices. We talked a lot via chat to finally select the design and sew it

I like to experiment and I luckily have a old sewing machine that I've restored for the task.
To be honest, I was looking for some different kind of fabric, something like Chamois because I was inspired from the series the lost world of Atlantis but the shop where I was shopping didn't have that kind of fabric. I turned to use a fake leather sheet. It was challenging to learn how to use the sewing machine and use it directly with the fake leather, but it was fun..

The second element I needed, to assembly the dress, was some brass ring for the strings and it was really challenging to find these rings in Firenze. I couldn't imagine how difficult is to find something like that. You can find sack of 1000 pieces easily but it is really difficult to find just 20 pieces.
A final note, the torch.

I made the torch with a wood stick I found in the woods and wrapped tightly with a sheet of cotton. A old white tshirt can be used. I used then some citronella to fuel it like a ancient torch but with a nicer scent

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