fotografia glamour e fashion
in the Bisenzio River with Viorica
Leonardo Fanini
Glamour & fine art

I met her 7 years ago for a photo shoot, it was a nice and warm day.
Her life took her away from Italy and from facebook for years. Recently she came back on facebook and we sporadically kept in touch.
Finally, on last week of august, she messaged me if I was free to meet for a photoshoot, for just one day of her four days trip to Italy. Guess what? We did it. She asked to shoot with some water and this is the magic place I found. Thanks google earth ahahah. I spent a week mapping all the stream I could see and follow on the app, to find new and hopefully interesting spot.Not to say that, she is excited so much for the pictures we did and I feel her happiness even in text messages.